Addicts Among Us

a hopeful documentary about Humboldt County ACEs

Who Are the Addicts Among Us?

Addicts Among Us is a 60-minute film that highlights the newest science on childhood trauma (ACES), and the role it plays in whether someone ultimately becomes an addict, told through several people's harrowing journey through the Humboldt County systems. The story includes how they overcame, and some hope for the future of this community.

This film will play a vital role in helping to destigmatize addiction, and increase the public’s understanding that addiction is less a moral-failing, than a disease of the brain; and explores the role community plays in both encouraging addictions to start and allowing for addicts to find help that works, so that we are never again washing our hands of the problem or the people.

Join us to hear the stories of addiction from James, Judith, Sarah and Morgan. Three different perspectives will enlighten the viewer as to how and why there are Addicts Among Us and how we can help them.

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The Filmmaker

Laura Montagna


Laura Montagna has been involved in the Humboldt County filmmaking community in almost every capacity- never wavering from her own artistic voice. As a filmmaker, Laura is focused on capturing stories that outline the grit of real life while also highlighting life's beauty and hope. Since 2012 Laura has produced or co-produced TEDx Humboldt Bay, creating a platform for ideas and education to stand on. She is the casting director for Redwood Curtain Casting, casting roles for various independent and Hollywood feature films and has held that position since 2012. On top of her professional filmmaking work, Laura educates youth within the Humboldt County community by teaching video classes to young people. Laura is extremely hard working, focused and creatively thinking. Currently, Laura is Producing and Directing a feature length documentary film “Addicts Among Us” which explores the patterns of addiction and trauma within the Humboldt area. For this film Laura secured funding from KEET-TV PBS North Coast, as well as grants from the North Coast Grantmaking Partnership. She enjoys problem solving and full-heartedly supports community creation.

Addicts Among Us